The Last Stand

September 27, 2007

After typing up too 101,000 words onto this very blog, I have now decided to end the blog. After starting this project as a bit of a joke, as I’d thought it’ll be pretty cool to write up my life onto the net, even if not much was going on in my life I could still write up my life, from my perspective and share it to the world.

The original idea was not to let people I personally know about the blog as I felt this would affect how I would write my blog entries. The idea was to give a brutally honest account of my life, on how I saw it and that sometimes that means a few harsh words from my direction, but as it were my blog and my life I felt justified in being honest.

For the first couple months it was great, I could freely write up a daily account of my life for the world to see on the net, but then soon after I slagged off my Key Skills subject at college, the very same lecturer found my blog and had a severe go at me for it. I should have considered it as an early warning of things to come.

I wrote on here a few experiences of my life that I perhaps shouldn’t have, and one evening from playing spin the bottle was something else to write up at the time, and I didn’t realise the hassle it would land me in.

Actually it was when I went to Gills game dressed up as Batman, that I was rumbled. One of Zac’s friends googled them terms and lone behold, it came up with this very blog. Naturally I would have denied it, but the very fact that this girl found the same images on this blog that were on my myspace page, meant there was no way denying it.

Then the blog became an instant hit at a certain school, with word getting around quick of my description of an encounter with a certain girl, which to this date “Blue Leg Stockings” was the most popular blog entry on here I’d ever wrote. It received just under 1000 page views and for blog that received 10,000 hits in total that’s a good share of where my blog hits have come from.

The blog became killed then and there because it meant I was restricted in what I could write and in the end I felt that it was pointless carrying the blog on because I cannot be that honest in my blog entries anymore at the risk of someone taking offence, or some of my blog entries becoming a bit of freak show to some people.

The final nail coffin is when you have your blog’s title shouted out at a birthday, I was having an Olde English Cider and then all of a sudden I hear “Life thoughts, life thought, life thoughts” repeated in some hypnotic fashion towards me.

What a load of shit, my blog had turned into a circus event I had people screaming the blogs title at parties, something had to be done and that’s why I’m ending the blog.

The blog was probably the best stress relief I could ever ask for and for those that judged me for being weird for writing my life on here, I don’t give a shit. I bet most of people in some part of their life have kept a diary of some sorts, whether it is on the net or diary in paper form in which you hide underneath your bed.

Who cares if it is freaky or nerdy to write up a blog entry onto the net, in the end I enjoyed what I wrote up on here, and if I didn’t I wouldn’t have carried on doing it for so long.

 Here’s too over 200 blog entries and over 100,000 words written, for this, is my final post.